Amazon: Guardians of Eden, adventure game screenshot

10 Things That Will Definitely Annoy Adventure Game Players

  1. Do not allow interaction with objects that are already on screen (like doors), only because they are part of the story later. Just invent some stupid excuse.
  2. Puzzles for puzzles’ sake (l’art pour l’art), let’s show these guys, who made this game and didn’t have ideas! Let’s slow down a player, so he could appreciate that thin story a bit longer.
  3. Create an object that needs to be examined multiple times to find all hidden things in it. Loved by anyone spending three hours rummaging around.
  4. Create a nonsense puzzle. Just for fun.
  5. Put some action in that adventure, because adventures are boring, right? Interaction timing matters! As a bonus make that action sequence unskippable.
  6. Let player character talk to his friend openly in front of an enemy for that added real life feeling.
  7. Add some bad voice acting. Bad voice overs are better than text.
  8. Make your game linear. Multiple story lines? No way, they will just confuse players.
  9. Hide those objects under a couple of pixels. For the sake of good old times!
  10. Do not allow player character to run, let them walk really slowly everywhere.

I guess I could come with a couple more. If I do, I’ll just update this post.

PS: The image is used purely for illustrative purposes. Amazon: Guardians of Eden was quite a good game.

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