Le Morte D'Arthur game by Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford’s New Game is Le Morte D’Arthur

Chris Crawford is a game designer with history of computer games that we would call serious these days. His games such as Balance of Power or Balance of the Planet introduced players to more strategic and thinking systems designed to simulate and be influenced by even small changes in them.

Chris had been working on his interactive story telling system for long time under working title Siboot. Although never finished, it was supposed to communicate not only by words but also by using facial expressions (emotions).

Last years Chris announced he was working on a new interactive storytelling game taking place in King Arthur’s times. And now his game Le Morte D’Arthur has been released.

It takes time to play this game as it features lots of textual content usually followed by multiple choice decisions to be made. The game saves the state automatically, so it’s easy to stop playing and come back later. It offers three different endings (as far as I know) and around 300 screens that are not presented in linear fashion.

If you like interactive fiction (or remember text adventures), I recommend you to try it out.

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