First Critical Mass in Bratislava

The very first Critical Mass in Bratislava took place on April 30, 2010 in Friday’s Bratislava streets. Although, there were some bicycle crowd’s rides before, this was the first official Critical Mass taking place in Bratislava.

We rode something more than 12 kilometres in rather free streets (most of the commuters had already left the city and evening’s traffic was light) from the centre of Bratislava to Strkovec lake in Ruzinov district and back. About 150 people attended and supported the first Critical Mass in Bratislava.

Although, there was some disagreement about how cyclists should ride, most of the people kept it civilized and rode either one after another or in smaller groups taking just one lane and allowing cars to pass in the left lane. No corking was used and although Slovak law requires cyclists to ride one after another, many participants chose to ride in groups beside each other. The Critical Mass did not attract any interest or blocking from the police force, though.

Thank you goes to the organizer and hope to see more people on next ride – May 28, 2010 at 6 pm at Namestie slobody in Bratislava.

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