Cycle The World (You Will, Guys, You Will!)

I received a message from my friends in Vienna about a German couple that is on their way around the world… on bike. They asked me, if I would be able to host them in Bratislava. Am I able to host somebody cycling around the world? That’s a courage I like, so definitely: yes!

Andreas and Johanna came yesterday with their heavy duty bikes (really, weight of their luggage on bikes is around 60 kgs).

They liked Bratislava and today in the morning moved further on to the south of Slovakia by Danube river, unsure about where they are going to end. But sometimes, path is the goal, and in their case, traveling around, seeing new villages, cities, regions, countries or even continents, meeting new people seems to be way they like it. And yes, they will finally come back to Hamburg in two or three years, where their trip has begun.

So, good luck, guys and enjoy your great adventure!

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