Digital signage for company / dashboard (showing time)

Digital Signage / Dashboards for Companies

I have been playing with a company dashboard for over a year, integrating multiple sources of data to be displayed.

My dashboard setup is simple. It runs on Raspberry Pi Zero W that has wi-fi included. It is connected to a standard 22″ display via HDMI. It runs custom PHP dashboard that integrates different sources of data such as:

  • current time
  • daily meetings
  • out of office / home office
  • birthdays
  • namedays
  • turnover by month
  • weather report
  • latest Facebook post
  • latest Instagram post
  • latest blog post
  • available resources (e.g. free/taken bicycles)
  • number of employees
  • latest Slack message sent to a custom @DashboardBot
  • etc.

The whole setup is pretty simple, yet able to run without any interruption for long time. Raspberry Pi sometimes requires a reboot. There is a custom crontab script that checks for Chromium browser running and if it is not, it launches it and goes to dashboard URL directly.

Digital signage for company / dashboard (showing time)

Javascript checks if internet is available and the dashboard URL is reachable. It refreshes the dashboard every five minutes, when online. If offline, it will keep trying to refresh in next five minutes again.

I built the dashboard using WebSlides framework that offers lots of different presentation layouts available. Custom PHP controller takes care of the rest part of a larger app running on Laravel.

Digital signage for company / dashboard (showing latest news)

It is possible to integrate virtually any source of data into the dashboard using APIs, public websites, CSVs or even emails with attachments.

If you are interested in having custom digital signage developed for your company, send me a message.

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