Future of Video Games

During the past 20 years users have desired more and more reality in their video games. They wanted the game environs to be more real, their characters to be more real, to use real cars and their handling, real weapons etc.

Collaborative and multiplayer games brought real (social) connections. Multiplayer computer games, social games, social network games etc. But there is still something missing.

What is missing is reality of life around us. Why not to have real traffic jams when cruising the city in GTA? (Not so much fun you are saying?) Everything is online anyway, so why there is not a game that connects to real-time traffic updates in Google Maps and uses these data to simulate a game environment? What about a flying simulator with real-time plane traffic passing a player? How about geo-locating a player and using their location to fetch current weather conditions for use in-game? Or maybe the real-life schedules of trains or subway for the transport simulators? How about a real estate strategy with true prices being fetched from real estate search engines?

I am sure you get the point. I think there is huge game potential to tapped using real-life data and no games tapping it. Do you know about such a game? Let me know!

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