Odograph plotting device for Jeep - car navigation device

History of Car Navigation Systems

This is an interesting and very innovative concept of car navigation system from 1985 by Etaks company in the US: https://www.fastcompany.com/3047828/who-needs-gps-the-forgotten-story-of-etaks-amazing-1985-car-navigation-system

And there were some similar attempts at navigation in cars before. This one from 1971 was cassette tape based and required a couple of tapes switching while traveling:

There was also an odograph-based device with way plotter in Jeep during World War 2: http://jeepdraw.com/pauls.html

This older one from 1927 had a scrolling wristwatch-like device that required driver to turn it manually. These rolls had to be installed before the drive: https://gajitz.com/scrolling-down-the-highway-vintage-1927-analog-gps/

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