Twitter bird evolution to Mastodon (by Stable Diffusion)

Leaving Musksoleum / If Musk Wasn’t Egotweeter

If Musk wasn’t an egotweeter, he would have already directed Twitter developers to include ActivityPub protocol in Twitter.

This would help to make Twitter to further grow its reach to a network of existing ActivityPub (and Mastodon) instances all over the world.

Why would people stay with Twitter then? A couple of reasons I can think of:

  • habit of using Twitter
  • change of service takes time
  • known UI = better UX than trying something new

Wouldn’t people leave to Mastodon instances because of ads? Maybe some, but ads are often not the sole reason to leave. And in addition users have to jump over the barriers above.

But Musk puts his ego before his brain, so instead he decided to block Fediverse mentions and caused users to leave to Fediverse instances (even if temporarily or using it along with Twitter).

I’ve been on Twitter for almost 15 years. I remember smaller community, no spam, useful bots, even an external service that would provide a daily dose of Twitter news. That was basically a page put together from tweets of different people based on hashtags (a topic).

I speak Slovak, but I remember there was virtually nobody to tweet to in Slovak, so I used to tweet in English heavily. This changed around maybe 2015 when more Slovak speakers started to come to Twitter for occasional discussions (and peace from their Facebook friends?).

Twitter has been lately full of spam, also more negative (and hateful) reactions. It’s time to leave this Musksoleum and definitely no #FOMO.

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