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My Favourite Online Comics & Strips

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I have always been a big fan of serious comics and graphic novels. Spending my time in US, John Porcellino’s Perfect Example had caught my interest and from there on I had loved to browse San Francisco Public Library’s comics section. I used to borrow everything they had often hitting the top number of books you could take out.

Later, many comics authors started to publish on the internet and I randomly visited their sites. I encountered Slow Wave strip based on the dreams of the website’s visitors.

I have been a fan of geeky comics at XKCD for a long time. 0x2121 is somewhat similar to XKCD, although the author stopped publishing it in 2009.

Among my recent discoveries are the following comic strips:

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) drawn by Zach Weiner, who draws based on his experiences, current political situation or just some science facts. Often  sarcastic and ironic, Zach has published over 1800 strips, so you have a large archive to read through. Published daily.
  • Questionable Content – I fell in love with this comics featuring few young people living their lives, studying and working, solving their relationship problems etc. Again, over 1600 strips published and drawing style changes thoroughly from the beginning (very rough) to the last strips published. Published daily on weekdays by Jeph Jacques.
  • Oglaf!

    Oglaf! – Often dirty (and sometimes NSFW) – will throw a warning at you first time visiting, so you know it’s not safe for work. Porn-inspired, author wanted to do a porn comics and ended with clever and funny strips portraying bizarre lands and people during Middle Ages. Not that many strips, so far, so it’s easy to read through all of them. Recommended.

Of course, there are plenty of other strips online, but sometimes the drawing styles turns me away, sometimes it’s the ideas or comics being not-funny-at-all and other times it’s just that I haven’t discovered it all, yet.

Do you have your favourite comics you can recommend?

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