Noir Adventure Game Idea

Pure black and white adventure – noir style – white background, locomotive (that futuristic huge train engine from the 20th centruy fifties with the large front light at the top). Black figure of an agent below it.

Agent is the game’s main character. Agent boards a train, railway station disappears and train starts to speed through the country. It’s slowly getting dark.

The whole game will take place in a train.

Comics style noir graphics, strong contrasts, large white or black areas, possibly some combinations to create a structure.

Train could stop at a station from time to time, more game forming options appear – somebody can get off or go missing from the train or some object can go missing, somebody new comes to play, train staff changes.

Time progress:

Always after some events take place, important talk, finding an important object for advancing time (Cruise for a Corpse style)


  • Agent
  • Train driver, boy working on a tender
  • Ticket inspector
  • Bartender
  • Young woman A
  • Old woman B
  • Older gentleman A
  • Young man B
  • Child
  • other characters


Old train, 30’s style interior, secession possibly, old train cabin, old dining car, old railway post office car


  • Murder (noir cliché)
  • People isolated on a train they can not leave. Nobody from the outside can impact the game similarly to how no one from the inside can escape (it would be deadly to jump in that speed, anyway)


  • Music: dark, slow, possibly strings music; Merrier music in the dining car, some swing
  • Sounds: Railroad crossing bells ringing from time to time, train whistle or train horn, ambient sounds of the train running on tracks, sounds of landscape passing by


Either traditional 2D point’n’click or first-person 3D, ideally a combination of both – 2D movement in the train, some scenes in 3D (rooms with objects etc.)

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