Bitcoin Rate Plasmoid

Bitcoin Price Widget (Plasmoid) for KDE / Plasma

Bitcoin Rate Plasmoid
Bitcoin Rate Plasmoid

If you follow Bitcoin rate and use KDE (any Linux) with its Plasma, you might be interested in this little Bitcoin rate plasmoid. It displays the rate of BTC at Bitstamp and Mt.gox.


Download here (version 0.2) – just unzip and install: Bitcoin rate plasmoid (Add widgets – From local file / install, more help on installation)

  • Version 0.2 – displays Bitcoin rate at Bitstamp and Mt.gox
  • Version 0.1 – display Bitcoin rate at Bitstamp

How to use

Put BTC rate widget on your desktop / dashboard or in your panel. Right click to change rate update interval (from 30 seconds up to 1 hour)


If you like it, support further development by donating to: 1pqLizfhgya5uUhp7piCGERYe22SKmULr

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