On Instant Knowledge

I love instant knowledge. Let me clarify – I love information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I love when I am able to browse or deepen my knowledge of subject unbeknownst to me beforehand. I love how I am able to search for any information possible and to find some more. I love having the strangest words explained.

I was always interested in the details behind the books or persons mentioned in the books. Any names, symbols or places would spark an interest that would last… well… until I was able to find a mention in an encyclopedia or a dictionary or an atlas. But, usually, this was not the case. Usually, most of the details would stay hidden to me as knowledge covered in those books would be limited.

Unknown word? Find a dictionary, spend some time trying to locate the word, unless the word is not in there (slang, less common words, dialects).

Unknown symbol? Find an encyclopedia close to the subject, locate the information there, if any.

Today? Anything is not clear? Just fucking google it.

Of course, these days the main issue is the validity of the information found. But you can always search for more details on the medical studies, cases, laws, drugs, politics, biographies, symbols, dates, religions or even a food.

And at last but not least, I love the hypertext that puts all these information together creating slowly untangling web of infinite (instant) knowledge. Just browse a random article on the Wikipedia finding yourself reading some hardly related piece of information two hours later.

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