Quotes from Books: Nick and the Glimmung

Philip K. Dick: Nick and the Glimmung

Just a short novel for kids from 1966, but it had foreseen some reality of the 21st century.

Kids during Covid pandemic:

“Good morning. Class,” Miss Juth said—or rather her image on the big television screen at the front of the classroom said. Miss Juth, like all teachers, had too many classes to teach. She could not appear in person in any of them. Instead, she spoke to all her students, in all her classes, by means of a TV screen.

Sounds like AI generated images, right?:

The printer’s products were indistinct and vaguely-defined. Nick saw, over to one side, a colonist who had got the printer to duplicate a pocket watch for him; going that way, Nick caught a glimpse of the face of the watch. All the numbers were there, but in the wrong order. The six, he saw, was at the top, and the twelve where the four should have been. And—the watch had no hands.

Ah, processed cheese:

Werjes won’t come anywhere near cheese of any kind, except perhaps American cheese, which has virtually no smell.

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