Railway Steam Locomotive Driver: Full Steam Ahead

Steam Locomotive Driver: Full Steam Ahead (GIF)

I have extracted this GIF image from an old movie about railway construction and heavy load trains in the 1950’s Czechoslovakia called Trať voľná (Full Steam Ahead).

A guy called (comrade) Záleš is tasked to haul a heavy load freight train (1950 tonnes) between towns in Eastern Slovakia. The movie describes issues and complexities of driving a heavy load train that may not stop or otherwise it might not start to move again due to its weight.

It portraits railway dispatchers, train engineers, conductors and drivers of other trains working together to allow the long haul heavy load freight train to pass its route without stopping. The train starts from Košice-Prednádražie and passes via Kunazov through Margecany to Spišská Nová Ves.

The movie is classic socialist realism propaganda of shiny future under communism. Ignoring that it’s a good documentary movie on railways and long haul heavy load freight trains.

Some of the tracks do not exist today as they were replaced by a tunnel and parts near Malá Lodina were flooded by a dam Ružín. You can also read more on the history of this railway track (use translate to English) and see some railway objects used as housing today.

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