Hello world! (now in English)

Hello world – I have been preparing and writing my Slovak blog at Ambience.sk since 2003.  In mid-2009 I slowly came to decision to either stop writing completely or (and this was a better idea) to start writing my blog in English.

Therefore, this is my first post in English. Slovak blog was moved and redirected to www.ambience.sk/old/, where it is stored for archiving purposes.

Topic of Slovak blog was related mostly to Bratislava, Slovakia where I live and then things about internet (web standards, SEO, Linux etc.) as well as other random musings.

Topics of my English blog posts will be much wider. I want to write less about politics, more about internet, my Linux experience (I have been active user since 2005 – at first Slackware, now Kubuntu), maybe also some SEO and usability posts (as this is what I enjoy doing in my work and sometime in my free time as well).

In addition to the blog posts here, you can follow me on Twitter (or as Dustin Curtis has it: “You should”).

Enjoy and hope to see you around.

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